8greens Energy Tablets on a bed of peaches

All you need to know about 8GREENS Energy


What are the added ingredients in 8Greens Energy and why are they good for us?

The nutrients added to 8Greens Energy include vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and potassium. All of these nutrients are essential for the body.
Vitamin B6 contributes to normal energy metabolism and vitamin B12 helps with the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.
Guarana is a natural source of caffeine which produces short-term energy.
Yerba Mate has been shown to help with mood, appetite and body weight, as well as function as an antioxidant.


Will 8Greens Energy keep me awake at night or give me a crash like coffee?

8Greens Energy contains no additives or artificial ingredients therefore it’s clean, natural energy with no crash or slump.
It is a natural coffee replacement and does contain natural caffeine, so I would recommend not drinking too many too late if you’re worried about falling asleep.   

What’s the difference between Natural Energy in 8Greens versus other Energy drinks?

The energy you get from energy drinks contain much more caffeine and are sweeter with more artificial ingredients. 
Our 8Greens Energy uses natural ingredients to give you clean energy that benefits your overall body health with no side effects.


When is best to take 8Greens Energy and who can take it?

I like to take 8Greens Energy in the morning as a coffee replacement or in the afternoon when I’m needing a pick-me-up, and both work wonders for me. 
We recommend 8Greens Energy for ages 13+ and it’s perfect for busy moms (like Dawn) or anyone needing fuel for exercise.