dawn russell holding greens and fruit

Get to know our founder, Dawn Russell


Dawn Russell believes health should be simple, not complicated, exclusive, or a fad. Dawn is an entrepreneur, cancer survivor and life-long health advocate.

She has become an inspiration to mothers around the world, the healthy and unhealthy.  While wellness is today’s current “trend,” Russell began her pioneering journey well over twenty years ago.  As a result, she has become a trusted advisor to hospitals, major hotel chains, mass retailers, and corporate board members as they launch their own bespoke wellness initiatives.  Twenty-three years ago, Dawn was asked to sit on the board of Beth Israel Hospital in New York pioneering the role of “patient advocate” in the US healthcare.

Dawn’s wellness journey began with stage III cancer at age 25.  She endured a bone infection during a surgery which prevented traditional chemo or radiotherapy from even being an option. Forced to depend on her typical grit, and well before the current explosion of snake-oil healing trends, she took control and went on a painstaking global scavenger hunt, to find solutions to her diminishing health. 

She embarked on a journey researching and visiting top integrative doctors, centers, and treatment options. “I went in search of solutions. A journey that took me all over the world, to places I never imagined visiting,” said Russell. “I was lucky enough to find real solutions and discover that changing my nutrition, specifically greens, changed my health.  This hard-earned knowledge is what I use to help people prioritize health no matter how hectic their lives.”

“Currently, only 10% of American’s achieve the minimum daily recommended amount of greens, which is about 1 cup.  I am simply doing everything I can to improve this statistic, by educating people about the most important greens and helping them get these greens in an easy, quick, and tasty way.” Dawn is truly a game changer for most people, by providing simple, easy to adopt health solutions. “Most individuals are overwhelmed in their daily lives and do not know how or where to begin; I work to make healthy choices simple and easy.  I do not tell people they have to be different. I help people get healthier by accepting how they live and providing tips that fit into their “real” lives.”

The oversaturated, ever-changing health landscape consistently guides us down new, costly, and time-consuming rabbit holes. While there are literally endless health gurus, Russell is different in that she is adamant to make wellness easy, doable, and simple.  The world is inundated with healthy options asking us to make unrealistic changes to our lives. This is unsustainable and unattainable.  Dawn puts the reality of people’s real daily lives first.  “I take all the centers, doctors, treatments and specialists I have visited and researched, and consolidate it all to a few doable steps that anyone can do.”  I am a working mother of two boys; I get it.

In short, Dawn is simply living proof. She is a relied upon teacher, spokesperson, author, and trusted source for health & wellness. A TV, podcast, and social media guest go-to for health “hacks” for today’s modern world.  She’s appeared over 50 times on television helping busy adults simplify the current wellness maze into doable daily steps at home.