8Greens Pimm's Recipe

This is the most English of summer cocktails, and delicious on a hot day. It is super-easy to make, but also something you can make your own with what else you put in. Some people use ginger ale or champagne rather than lemonade, and the list of fruit you can add is endless. Either way 8Greens works so well because this is a drink you are meant to add to…

IngredientsSERVES 1

⅔ cup
3 tbsp
8Greens tablet
ginger ale
Pimm’s No.1
Ice cubes
Cucumber, apple and orange slices, and sprigs of mint, to serve


Dissolve 8Greens tablet in ginger ale.

Pour Pimm’s over ice cubes in a large glass, fill with 8Greens ginger ale.

Add a few slices of cucumber, apple and orange, and finish with a sprig of mint.

Stir, serve.