8Greens: Not a New Year’s Resolution

How our founder and busy mom of two, Dawn Russell, adds healthy moments and 8Greens to her daily routine all year round

January can feel like a time of restriction. The string of indulgent holiday treats and festive evenings come to a halt and in their stead, messages about cleanses, regimes, and diets pop up. We’re all for prioritizing health – but at 8Greens, we believe in easy, accessible health practices that can be implemented and enjoyed twelve months a year.

8Greens was created to help people get their greens, no matter how hectic their days are. With 90% of Americans not meeting their daily vegetable intake, sure, more salads and green smoothies might be great. But our founder Dawn Russell knows first hand that when you’re running around after kids or juggling both an office life and a home life, sometimes you need an easier solution. 8Greens is that daily solution, not a short term resolution. Here’s how Dawn gets plenty of greens in her busy routine - no blenders, juicers, or New Year’s regimes required.

7 am

“The moment I wake up, I have a SKIN effervescent tablet,” says London-based Dawn, who rises early to get her two boys ready for the school run. “My skin is important to me, but my mornings are so full with my two little boys. I don’t have time to do a mask or an elaborate routine in the morning,” she says. Each tablet contains marine collagen and biotin to boost elasticity.

Next, Dawn reaches for products from sensitive-skin friendly Lancer soothe and hydrate. During treatment for cancer in her twenties, half of Dawn’s lymph nodes were removed. One of the lasting effects of those surgeries is incredibly sensitive skin. “I would never suggest anything I do not truly use,” says Dawn, who is loyal to Dr. Lancer’s simple and effective formulations. “His skincare line is the only line I do not react to.” Her favorites include the line’s gentle cleanser and hyaluronic acid-infused cream.

8 am

After quickly nourishing her skin from the inside out, Dawn is ready for the morning rush. A short walk to her younger son’s school starts the day on an active note and allows both mother and son to get morning sunlight in their eyes, which is key for circadian rhythm support. Dawn pops a Blood Orange or Peach Tea effervescent tablet in her water bottle on the way out the door. With as much vitamin B6 as six cups of broccoli and as much vitamin B12 as seven cups of milk, the tablets are ideal for active people who can benefit from the boost of energy B vitamins provide. Plus, that tangy, just-sweet-enough flavor and fizz makes mid-workout hydration more appealing.

9 am

Dawn’s workout routine includes tennis, resistance training, and yoga – a mix of play, stretching, and strengthening keeps exercise engaging even on days when you might be dragging your feet at the idea of the gym.

“Tennis is a love of mine. I play religiously every Monday morning with a dear girlfriend and incredible coach,” says Dawn, a former varsity tennis player. “She and I are both super competitive, so we work well together.” Dawn compares tennis to her other favorite sport, race car driving. “There is a grace and rhythm that I surrender to in both.”

While Dawn runs an epsom salt bath to soothe tired muscles on the weekend, time-strapped mornings call for quicker recovery tactics, like vigorous skin brushing. The age-old technique encourages lymphatic circulation and exfoliates skin.

11 am

Dawn, who says she needs “that oomph of energy” mid-morning, reaches for another 8Greens effervescent tablet or a gummy. (You can enjoy two tablets and four gummies each day.) Each tablet is packed with everything Dawn would love to put in a mid-morning green juice if she had the time: think spinach, kale, and wheatgrass, alongside some hard to find nutritional powerhouses like chlorella and blue green algae. 

2 pm

“Being a mum and founder of 8Greens, no day is ever the same. So no matter if I am in a car, at a desk, on a soccer pitch, or on an airplane, I know no matter what I am having for lunch, I will get REAL greens with 8Greens,” says Dawn. A short brisk walk after lunch aids digestion and helps to combat the natural energy slump that comes with the 3 p.m. energy dip. And that grabby, sugar-craving feeling that comes with? Instead of fighting it, Dawn reaches for a sweet that makes her feel good, too: 8Greens gummies. “Gummies are a big hit at school pick up – amongst the moms and the kids,” she says. “The kids beg for them, and they are actually getting chlorella.”

4 pm

Dawn says she “nibbles on gummies while doing afternoon work calls,” and she isn’t the only one. Many customers in the 8Greens family tell us they keep a stash at their desk to fulfill their sweet tooth while getting their greens, too. 

8 pm

After dinner, it’s bedtime reading for the boys along with the last two gummies for Dawn’s younger son, who, funnily, loves the SKIN flavor. Made up of collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and biotin, the gummies keep skin plump and resilient as we age. Of course, Leo just loves the real strawberry flavor. And at less than 2 grams of sugar per gummy and a formulation that’s filled with broccoli, alfalfa, and collard greens, his mom Dawn is happy to indulge his sweet tooth.

When Leo (and Dawn) have had their gummy fill already, the mom of two will reach for Manuka honey instead. New Zealand-derived Manuka honey is rich in methylglyoxal, a compound with antibacterial properties. Because of this, it’s a win during cold season. Dawn says everyone in her family has a spoonful of 20 UMF, but you can also stir a little into warmed, spiced almond milk or hot chocolate, or spread it on a rice cracker. “It is expensive but worth it,” says Dawn.

“School mums ask why my boys' hair grows so fast and why they are never sick. I attribute it to daily 8Greens and manuka honey.”

Hoping to incorporate more easy, bite-sized healthy habits into your 2023 routine? Here are a few ideas…

In the morning: 

Prioritize hydration with a big bottle of water and your favorite 8Greens effervescent tablet before your morning coffee.
Set the tone for adequate rest by getting sunlight in your eyes within an hour of waking up to regulate your circadian rhythm–the walk to school drop off counts!

Focus on nourishment, not deprivation: stash a B vitamin-packed 8Greens lollipop in your work bag for lunch dessert.