What Our Fans Say About 8Greens

“The simplest way to get my greens on the go… so easy and efficient.”



“I definitely feel a kick after this.”


Blur bassist

“This is a great way of making sure you stay healthy in a very easy way, no matter how busy you are.”



“I do not care it is not in place of a salad. I hate salads. This is good enough for me. It is better than I normally do.”


Revlon supermodel

“This ACTUALLY tastes good. I cannot believe I love it.”


Fashion Stylist

“Wow, this is good. I can taste a hint of kale, which is good – I know it’s the real thing.”


Vice President, Sisley International

“I’m drinking it right now, I’m almost done. It’s really good.”


Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen

“I love this.”



“Seriously that’s good, I would rock this every day – it’s really good.”


“Amazing deal for when I travel or days I cannot deal with my morning juice blender drama.” PAMELA HANSON, Fashion Photographer

"Greens are so essential, and 8Greens makes them tasty and super easy to get.”

MARIO LOPEZ, Host of Extra

"8Greens is a brand that represents exactly what I believe in. Simple, direct, and easy, it's the most perfect way to get in all your greens. It gives me incredible energy, and I absolutely love it."

BOBBI BROWN, Makeup Artist and Entrepreneur

“I have an 8Greens every day.”



"Start your Monday or any day off with 8Greens...has an amazing way to get your vital veggies in.”

DREW BARRYMORE, Actress and Businesswoman

“I’ve been dissolving one in water every morning for six months, and I actually do think I have more energy. I don’t get depleted.”


Actress and Model

“The one wellness thing I always travel with is 8Greens tablets. When I’m busy and can’t do all the things, this is the one thing I’ll still do.” 

MOLLY SIMS, Author and Actress

“I could get really addicted to this.”


Fashion Designer

“Congratulations – you have got me to drink a green drink. I really did not find it difficult and am now a convert to 8Greens.” ANNA HARVEY, Director of Conde Nast, Europe and Asia

“I would have this every day.”


Director of Con Air, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

“It is so damn simple. Got veggies running through veins thanks to 8Greens. I put it in everything. Every drink I have I put an 8Greens tablet in it.”


CEO CosBar


Fashion Designer


Actress and Businesswoman



Diary of a Wimpy Kid




“I spend $10 a day at juice press.  A dollar a day.  I like this. And I can throw a tube in my daughter’s gym bag.”

Lisa, VP at Nomura, NYC

“I love it is quick and I know I have done something good for my boys. And, I have 2 8Gs in my water bottle waiting at the bus stop before all 3 get home.”

Jessica, Mom of 3 little boys, Minnesota

“It is amazing, really. Everywhere I travel, I have my 8Greens. I do not have my blender or wife who makes me a smoothie every morning, so I have my 8Greens. I need them.”

Juan Antonio, Colombia

“My greens are in this?  I want 100 tubes shipped to my office now.”

Peter G, Businessman, NYC

“What a boost. Wish I had thought of this.” 

Mark, Writer, Connecticut

“Oh my god, this is great. It will be my life saver during fashion month when I am on the go in different cities 24x7. I want to give it to all my girls before Fashion week.”

Elizabeth, Senior VP Bergdorf Goodman, NYC

“Are you serious, my greens are in this? I love this. Would drink it all the time. And only a dollar a day.”

Katie, Morgan Stanley, NYC 

“I have an 11 year old son, I have tried and failed to get him to take supplements to boost his health, immune system but he has resisted everything.  Until now!! I ordered some for myself never thinking he would actually take this.  Much to my surprise and delight he drinks 8g every day. It has helped clear up his skin and I’ve noticed he has stayed healthy.  Your product is wonderful and I have recommended it to tons of other people- especially parents like me who struggle to get their kids to eat healthier.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!”

Kim, Mom

“I am a new daily 8G drinker! My girlfriend got me hooked on 8G a couple weeks ago and I have been spreading the word ever since.” 

Benji, Physician 

“I would like to tell you how much I love your product 8Greens.  I’ve been taking 2 tablets a day in about 12 ounces of water every day since I heard about 8G.  I love the sparkly effervescence lemon lime flavor.  I feel rejuvenated after I drink it.  I usually drink it after I exercise for a boost.  I keep tablets in my car too so I don’t miss one day.  I think my eczema is better because of 8G too.  I am 61 but I highly recommend this to any age group.  It’s so easy to take and carry anywhere.  I order 8Greens through their website and there is free shipping too.  I love, love it!” 

JoAnn, Excelsior, Minnesota

“I’m 39 yrs old and I have a spunky 7yr old son, Nate. I’ve purchased 3 bottles of your 8G within the past month. I love it. My son who is a very finicky eater actually steals the ‘magic power green drink’ from me! I was shocked... I’ve NEVER found a healthy drink that’s tastes good! WE LOVE 8G!!”


“Omg! My hair has been growing and it hasn’t grown in years…since I bumped my tablets up to two a day, it’s absolutely fabulous! It’s grown at least half an inch. I measured by my hair color to my root color, and no joke someone asked me yesterday if my hair was all mine.”

Nicole Dabish, LA

“I felt much better after drinking the tablet of 8Greens every day than I did from taking any of my cold medicine! I have recently re-ordered the 6 tubes every two months in auto delivery because I believe so much in the product. I know it works from first-hand experience. I just absolutely love it, and I count on it and depend on it every day for my daily green intake.”

Bill Hoy, Exceedingly Satisfied Customer