The Power of Good Nutrition for Healthy Futures

Photo Credit: Tito Justin / Save the Children

Founded on the mission of helping others through wellness and education, 8Greens is proud to partner with leading global humanitarian organization, Save the Children. By partnering with Save the Children, we can help to ensure that every child has access to good nutrition. Nutrition is critical for children to grow, develop physically and mentally, stay healthy and learn.

The charity’s hunger and nutrition programs help millions every year, with teams based in countries where children are most vulnerable to hunger and malnutrition. Through our charitable partnership and your donated sales, we aim to support and empower those in greatest need. 

"We are so excited to announce our global partnership with Save the Children on World Hunger Day. There is no greater goal than to ensure all children have access to good nutrition. 8Greens is happy to support an organization who shares in that belief."

Dawn Russell, 8Greens Founder


When you shop on 8Greens.com, you will have the opportunity to donate vital funds to Save the Children’s work wherever it’s needed most – including providing critical support to help children overcome malnutrition around the world. Hunger is not just about food. Hunger and poverty are inextricably linked to issues including: the rights of women and girls, income opportunities, health, education, social justice, the environment and climate change. 

  • Just $2.76 could pay for 100 packs of essential vitamins to help children recover from severe acute malnutrition and combat illness

  • $6.92 could pay for a weeks worth of treatment for a child with severe acute malnutrition using high nutrient peanut paste

  • $13.83 could pay for enough food to feed a family in Yemen for a week who've been displaced by conflict or climate change

Noura, 15 months, with her sister, Shadia, eight, in their tent in a camp for Internally Displaced People, Lahj district, Yemen. 

Photo Credit: Jonathan Hyams / Save the Children

Since their displacement, Noura and Shadia’s family have faced severe food insecurity and Noura is suffering from acute malnutrition, however Save the Children’s health facility means families like Noura’s can access nutritional support, food baskets, as well social and psychological support for the family. 

The conflict in Yemen has left many families traumatized and struggling to feed their children. Through our partnership with Save the Children we aim to help reach the world’s most vulnerable children.

Shebo eating her school meal - a high protein energy supplement

Photo Credit: Malama Mwila / Save the Children

Shebo is 13 years old and her family are among the estimated 2.3 million people facing acute food insecurity in Zambia. The devastating prolonged effects of the drought in the western and southern provinces, and flooding during the 2017/2018 rainy seasons were the main causes of reduction in food production, therefore leading to acute food insecurity country-wide. Shebo is a beneficiary of Save the Children’s school feeding program in which she has been receiving High Energy Protein Food Supplements. This helps the children be active at school and helps improve their performance in class.

Too often, hunger stops children like Shebo being able to make the most of their education. Malnutrition makes children so sick they can’t attend at all. With your kind donation we can help children to continue to learn and fulfill their full potential.

Filmon, 2 years old, is screened for malnutrition at an Emergency Health Unit clinic in Tigray, Ethiopia 

Photo Credit: Sacha Myers / Save the Children

Azeb and her husband live with their 2 year old son, Filmon, in a camp in Eastern Tigray, Ethiopia. When the conflict started, they were forced to leave their home in Western Tigray. This was an incredibly difficult journey, with no access to nutritious food, Filmon developed severe acute malnutrition. Since arriving at the camp, Save the Children’s Emergency Health Unit - a team of world class doctors, nurses and logistics specialists - have referred Filmon to a hospital where he can access the treatment he needs to recover and grow. Azeb says ‘we are receiving the high nutrient food for my baby’. 

With your kind donations we could help more children reach Save the Children screening centres to get the vital nutritional treatment they need, because every child deserves a healthy future.

Sarah at a Save the Children Screening Centre in South Sudan, receiving therapeutic food

Photo Credit: Tito Justin / Save the Children

Sarah at a Save the Children Screening Centre in South Sudan, receiving therapeutic food. 

Sarah and her mother live in a very harsh environment prone to drought. They only have a few livestock to sell and buy food with but it’s not enough. Without selling firewood the family sometimes has nothing to eat. Sarah began to show symptoms of malnutrition and splenomegaly when she started running a fever and progressively lost weight.

Sarah’s mother brought her to one of Save the Children’s screening mobile health clinics where they were able to get Sarah the help that she needed. Sarah was recently successfully treated, receiving a weekly supply of Plumpy Nut. Plumpy Nut is a ready to use therapeutic food; a high protein peanut paste designed for children suffering from acute malnutrition. 

After 5 weeks, Sarah was discharged and remains an outpatient, receiving the ongoing care she needs to make a full recovery. Sarah can now already walk, eat and play again. With your kind donations we can help more children like Sarah. 

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